TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery for M300

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The TB60 intelligent flight battery has a capacity of 5,935 mAh. It supports the hot-swap function allowing to change the battery without powering off the drone, which saves time and ensures smooth flight operation during critical tasks. The battery allows Matrice 300 RTK to fly 55 minutes without load. Visit DJI's official website for details.


Never use damaged, leaking or swollen batteries. In any of these cases, contact DJI or designated dealers.

M300 requires two TB60 batteries to fly. Please increase the item quantity to 2 pieces if you require a full set to fly.

In The Box

Intelligent Flight Battery x 1


Capacity: 5,935 mAh

Weight: ~1.35 kg

Voltage: 52.8 V

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 50°C (-68 ~ 122°F)


Matrice 300 RTK