Polar Pro - Osmo Pocket Grip System

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Polar Pro - Osmo Pocket Grip System

The Grip System is designed to create a more professional experience while operating the Osmo Pocket. During filming or carrying between locations, the ergonomic design helps you keep steady control and is crafted using reinforced nylon to add a desired layer of protection. The spring loaded, adjustable phone mount locks your mobile display monitor which minimizes the risk of your phone disconnecting from the connector. With the Grip System fully installed, you will have access to three ¼-20" threads to complete your production set up.



  • Ergonomic grip design for a more professional filming experience
  • Adjustable phone mount fits up to an iPhone XS Max or phones 77.5mm wide
  • Included Tripod Mount allows for three ¼-20" thread attachments
  • Securely locks your phone to the Osmo Pocket (compatible with thin phone cases)