Inspire Repair Services (Shipping)

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Inspire 1 Repair Services

The $35 is to ship back your Phantom unit. This charge does not apply for Inspire units that are dropped off and picked up at our Sales and Repair Shop.

Once a detailed assessment is completed on your Inspire unit, the Technician will provide you with an estimate for repair and replacement parts. 

We can Repair following Inspire 1 series :

Inspire 2 

Inspire 1 V1.0

Inspire 1 V2.0

Inspire 1 Pro


We can replace the following:


 1- Main Phantom board

2- LED Units

3- ESC (speed controllers)

4- Motors

5- GPS

6- Main Controllers

7- Receiver



1- Canopy

2- Antenna Set

3- LED Units

4- Carbon Fiber Arms 

5- Main Unit Assembly

6- Nose, Cable covers 

7- Screws and Stickers

8- Prop Adapters , Props


Once we receive your Inspire 1 , we do the following:

1- Provide the customer with a repair ticket and complete an evaluation on the unit.

2- Estimate the cost for repair, parts and labour

3-Follow up with the Customer

3- We do not recommend repairs if the repair exceeds 70% of the cost of a new unit

4- Once the Customer authorizes the repair, we proceed with the repair. If there are any additional repairs, the Customer is updated.

5- Once the repair is complete, the unit is tested, the firmware is updated the firmware and and make a complete list of parts used and labour time.

6- We charge $90 per hour for Labour and Parts as per DJi list.

7- Once the payment is received, we ship back the Inspire unit.


Turnaround Time:

1- The turnaround is 2 to 4 business days once we receive the product.