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DJI 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter

DJI 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter

$105.00 CAD

DJI 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter


This includes the Transmitter (TX) module only, working in the ISM frequency band of 5.8GHz (5725-5865MHz).

Analogue modulated video signals are sent wirelessly by the TX module to the RX module, and then the video signal will be demodulated and sent to a display.

There are 8 wireless channels can be selected when you are using this product. These channels are: CH1-5705MHZ, CH2-5685MHZ, CH3-5665MHZ, CH4-5645MHZ, CH5-5885MHZ, CH6-5905MHZ, CH7-5925MHZ, and CH8-5945MHZ.

The advantages of this product are: small size, low power consumption and high sensitivity.

The product can be used in many applications requiring wireless video communication. When it's used in the aero-modeling hobby, the Wireless Video Link TX will be mounted to the aircraft and the Wireless Video Link RX is connected to a display screen, allowing video signal wireless transmission.

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