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1) RPAS Surveying and PIX4D

This workshop will introduce you to critical Pix4Dmapper workflows. Not only will we spend 3 days learning Pix4D with a variety of projects, but we then take you outside on the last 2 days to do some real flying and surveying with MIR Aviation’s RPAS!

You will learn best practices for capturing RGB images and creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing 2D and 3D representations of reality. A series of hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to work effectively with the Pix4Dmapper solution.

This intensive five-day course will take a participant with no prior experience using PIX 4D technology, to a position of proficiency in being able to do advanced drone mapping, modelling and surveying, with RPAS.

Participants will complete multiple in-class projects, designed specifically for this course, and also get into the field to do collect their own data for analysis using MIR Aviation RPAS.

This course has an extensive curriculum far beyond other PIX 4D courses currently being offered and will be delivered in a small class setting with 2 instructors. Positioning all participants with significant amount of 1/1 support.

Pix4D is the tool what we'll use to process our aerial datasets, but this course goes well beyond just the basic Pix4D suite of software and into important operational details many other courses don't cover.

What separates this Pix4D course from the others?

  • Survey design,

  • Use of ground control points for accurate mapping and quality control,

  • Best practices for flying a survey mission safely, and

  • Basic GIS analysis using free software like QGIS and CloudCompare.

  • Multispectral surveys,

  • Thermal surveys,

  • Structure modelling, and also

  • Alternatives to Pix4D, including comparable open-source software.

  • We offer hands on flight training with our aircraft.

    Course Dates: March 16 20, 2020
    Location: Port O’Call Best Western, Calgary Alberta
    Discounted room rate offered for participants of $119/night + gst
    Course cost: $3600.00 Non-refundable deposit of $500.00 required at registration and the remainder two weeks prior to the start of the course. Register early as class size is limited, demand is high, and we anticipate spots to go quickly.

    MIR Aviation Inc. www.miraviation.com Office: 587-349-3690 Cell: 403-710-5515 Email:info@miraviation.com

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Safety in the Air, Begins on the Ground

2) Classroom Training “Advanced RPAS Course”

Two locations: Calgary and Toronto

a) Calgary, March 30th to April 2nd @ $975.

b) Toronto, May11th to 14th @ $975.

Any students taking this classroom course will be offered a reduced cost for the Flight Review component of Transport Canada’s licencing. Our current Flight Review is $300.00 however, this will be reduced to a cost of $150 for those participating in either course. We have a 98% success rate on the Advanced RPAS Exam!

MIR Aviation Inc. www.miraviation.com Office: 587-349-3690 Cell: 403-710-5515 Email:info@miraviation.com

Tim Carlielle

Tim is recognized as an expert in the field of data collection and possesses an expert knowledge of PIX 4D with experience teaching and mentoring students both in the classroom at the University of Calgary and in the field.

Tim is also a commercial RPAS pilot specializing in remote sensing with over 10 years of hands on experience in the field. He has used Pix4D extensively for mapping, 3D modelling and multispectral imaging for such clients as Parks Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, University of Calgary and University of Alberta. With an ongoing interest in learning, Tim’s current area of study is Geomatics Engineering.

David Curry - brings to MIR Aviation 36 + years of solid aviation experience, demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the Aviation sector. He has a diverse background that includes experience as a Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aviation Advisor / Safety Auditor and Aircraft Accident Investigator. After retiring from the Shell Canada Corporate Aviation department after 29 years, David took his experience to a global Aviation Safety organization where he performed both fixed-wing and rotary-wing audits throughout North and South America.

He is an accredited Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) and ISO 9001 lead auditor and a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).

David also has experience as a part time instructor of Avionics and Aircraft Electrical Systems at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). His passion is “Safety in the Air Begins on the Ground” which is our guiding principal.

His many years of Aviation experience demonstrated skills in teaching and his in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) is what makes MIR Aviation an Industry leader in the RPAS industry.