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Intelligent Flight Modes for the Phantom 3 series and Inspire 1.

Intelligent Flight Modes Intelligent flight modes for the Phantom 3 series and Inspire 1  Simply visit your product’s download page at, download and install the latest firmware, and update the DJI GO app to the latest version. With this firmware update, the Phantom 3 Advanced will also be upgraded to support 2.7K (2704x1520p30) video recording.   Follow Me (Phantom 3 series only) Have your Phantom 3 follow you on your adventures to see yourself in a whole new light. Course Lock Fly along a set path, regardless of where the Phantom’s noise is pointing with Course Lock. Perfect for...

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DJI Inspire 1 Released

DJI Inspire 1 The Inspire 1 is brand new quadcopter capable of capturing 4K video and transmitting in a HD video signal to multiple devices straight out of the box. With its transforming design, 4K camera integrated with enhanced version of Lightbridge HD downlink, DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in the Inspire 1, create an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.   Key Features: Advanced, Ready-to-Fly Design Imagine holding the future in your hands. Designed to be powerful while lightweight,  flexible while providing the stability you need, the Inspire 1 is DJI’s...

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