Super Combo - DJI-F450 w/Hitec Radio w/Landing Gear w/Lipo Battery

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Combo includes the following:


  • DJI F450 Flame kit - Complete with Motors, ESC and F450 Frame
  • DJI Naza-M (multirotor controller)
  • DJI Naza GPS module
  • Multi Rotor Solutions - Landing Gear - Carbon Fiber
  • Hitec Aurora 9 Ch Transmitter and 9 CH receiver (model No. HTC
  • Hyperion Premium - Lipo - 3S . 11.1 V, 25/45C - 3300 mAH





Flame Wheel F450 ARF Kit    
4× ESC(30A), 4× Motor(2212), 4× blades(8inch), 4× blades(10inch), 1× complete frame


Brief Introduction

Flame Wheel 330/450/550 is a series of multi-rotor flying platform designed for all pilots for entertaining or amateur AP. With DJI WooKong-M or NAZA autopilot system, such actions as hovering, cruising, even rolling and other maneuvers can be achieved. It can be applied to entertainment, aerial photography, FPV and other aeromodelling activities.


  • Frame Arms adopt PA66+30GF ultrastrength material design, provide better crashworthiness.
  • Using high strength compound PCB frame board, which makes wiring of ESCs and battery more safe and easier.
  • Optimized frame design, which provides abundant assemble space for autopilot systems.
  • Provide different color frame arms: red, white, black, which makes your flight more colorful.


Model Flame Wheel 450 (F450)
Frame Weight 282g
Diagonal Wheelbase 450mm
Takeoff Weight 800g ~ 1600g
Recommended Propeller 10 × 4.5in ; 8 × 4.5in
Recommended Battery 3S~4S LiPo
Recommended Motor 22 × 15mm or 22 × 12mm
Recommended ESC 30A OPTO





Hitec is proud to introduce our new flagship radio the Aurora 9. The Aurora 9 is a “pure digital” 2.4GHz system offering an extremely low latency response time for that “connected” feeling. Featuring a large backlit 5.1 inch touch screen display, 30 Model memory, assignable switches and customizable programming menus, the Aurora is a true 3 in 1 radio with sophisticated programming for sail planes, helicopters and all kinds of power planes. With all these features and a price that can’t be beat, there is no doubt the Aurora 9 will become the radio of choice for the most sophisticated pilots.


Detailed Feature Descriptions

 Basic Features

  •  AFHSS 2.4GHz / PPM / PCM Compatible
  • Easy to Read 5.1 Inch Wide Backlit Touch Screen
  • Customizable Menus
  • One-Stop Model Type Setting
  • 3 Multi-Tasking Digital Trims
  • Fully Assignable Control Switch, Knob, Stick and Digital Trims
  • Highly Sensitive 8 Ball-Bearing Gimbals with Adjustable Tension
  • Full-Sized Comfortable Hand Grips Featuring Top Quality Elastomer
  • Selectable Control Stick Mode / Change Hardware without Opening Case
  • Power Management System (Adjustable Backlight & Auto Shut-off Time)
  • Digital Trim Nano-Adjuster (Approx. 0.025deg per step up to 5deg)

 Standard Programming Features9 Assignable Control Channels

  • 3 Model Types (ACRO/GLID/HELI) Programming
  • 30 Model Memories
  • 20 Character model name
  • 8 Flight Conditions with 10 Characters
  • Throttle Lock
  • Fail-safe
  • Channel Function
  • EPA
  • Dual Rate & EXP*
  • Sub-Trim
  • Servo Reverse
  • Servo Speed (Up to 25 sec in Each Direction)
  • Servo Monitor (Monitor & Servo Test)
  • 8 Programmable Mixes (5 x 2-Point , 3 x 7-Point Curves)**
  • Trainer Port



 Advanced ACRO Programming  

  • 9 Wing Type (6 Main Wings, 3 Flying Wings)
  • 5 Tail Type (Main Wing: Normal, V-Tail, Ailevator) (Flying Wing: 1 Servo Rudder, 2 Servo Rudders)
  • Quick Model Options Select (Dual Engine, Retracts gear, Airbrake, Fuel mixture)
  • 7 Point Throttle Curve*
  • Throttle Cut
  • Idle Down
  • Fuel Mixture*
  • Airbrake
  • Airbrake to Elevator Mix**
  • Aileron to Rudder Mix**
  • Elevator to Camber Mix**
  • Rudder to Aileron Mix**
  • Aileron Differential*
  • Aileron to Flap Mix**
  • Camber Mix**
  • Flap Control*
  • 3 x Gyro Sensitivity (ex: AILE/ELEV/RUDD)*
  • Snap-Roll (4-Way Switching Multi Direction)**
  • V-Tail**
  • Delta Mix**
  • Ailevator**


Advanced GLIDER Programming

  •  9 wing Type (6 Main Wings, 3 Flying Wings)
  • Five Tail Type (Main Wing: Normal, V-Tail, Ailevator) (Flying Wing: 1 Servo Rudder, 2 Servo Rudders)
  • Quick Model Options Select (Motor, Retracts Gear, Airbrake)
  • Motor Control (Switch on/off)**
  • Airbrake
  • Airbrake to Elevator Mix**
  • Aileron to Rudder Mix**
  • Elevator to Camber Mix**
  • Rudder to Aileron Mix**
  • Aileron Differential*
  • Aileron to Flap Mix**
  • Launch (Stick Position Auto Cut Function)**
  • Camber Mix**
  • Flap Control*
  • 3 x Gyro Sensitivity (ex: AILE/ELEV/RUDD)*
  • Butterfly**
  • V-Tail**
  • Delta Mix**
  • Ailevator**


Advanced HELI Programming


  • 6 Swash Types (90° Type: 1 Servo, 3 Servos, 4 Servos; 120° Type: 3 Servos; 140° Type: 3 Servos; 180° Type: 2 Servos
  • Quick Model Options Select (Governor, Needle Control, Fuel Mixture)
  • 7 Point Pitch Curve*
  • 7 Point Throttle Curve*
  • Throttle Cut
  • Gyro Sensitivity*
  • Needle Control*
  • Swash to Throttle Mix*
  • Rudder to Throttle Mix*
  • Fuel Mixture*
  • Throttle Hold***
  • Swash Mix (Swash Rate/Calibration )***
  • Revolution Mix*
  • Governor (Three Rates)*


* Capable of a Maximum of 24 rates by 8 flight conditions and 3 switch positions
** Capable of a Maximum of 8 Rates by 8 Flight Conditions
*** Capable of a Maximum of 3 Rates Using 3-Swicth Positions



DJI 450 Landing Gear - FR4

 A durable and useful set of landing gear that mounts easily to the underside of the DJI 450 Bottom Plate.

Legs give 7.5" ground clearance.

Legs and crossmembers are 1.59 mm FR4 fiberglass epoxy; top connecting straps from 2.38 mm FR4.

Crossmembers are machined with interlocking tabs that are secured with a M3 nut and screw.

30 cm Velcro cinching straps are included. They pass through slots in the crossmembers so they do not fall off when you loosen them.

Skids are 30 cm long, spaced 25 cm apart, and are made of thick walled carbon tubes with rubber grommets and vinyl end caps.

Easy to assemble.

Materials manufactured and machined in the USA.

weight: 160g

HYPERION G3 CX 3300 MAH 3S 11.1V 25C/45C LIPOLY PACK[HP25C33003S]

Hyperion Generation 3 Lithium Polymer Packs are proving truly revolutionary in both performance and value. Compared to an average of the batteries on market last year, they provide up to up to 4x more cycles under the same discharge conditions. And that makes them a bargain price-wise.

But they also deliver the highest voltage and flattest discharge curves under load that we have ever seen, which makes them the best performer you can buy. And tests have shown that at the 70%-discharged point in flight, they are delivering as much as 40% more power than previous generation LiPo.

The fact that they can be safely charged at up to 5C rates - for charge times as low as 10 to 12 minutes - is just icing on a very tasty cake.

The G3 packs are made with a new Hybrid RS construction technology, super-fine substrate materials, rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Control, and final cell matching process, which all guarantee you not only this superb performance, but also tightly balanced and long-lasting packs.

The G3 LiPo come in two series. "CX" 25C are appropriate for most models and deliver high capacity and power per gram at low cost. The "VX" 35C series is the one for applications that need the highest possible voltage maintained at high discharge rates; for example highly aerobatic 3D airplanes and helicopters, competition gliders, pylon racers, and some EDF jets.




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